Alona Beach 2004
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Frogfish on a banca wreck.
DSC05309.JPG (1 MB)
Again - not really that willing to pose for me...
DSC05311.JPG (789 KB)
An even bigger frogfish. If you check the photos from last year you can recognise the spots on this one!
DSC05317.JPG (923 KB)
He's not really starving. Big and fat.
DSC05319.JPG (860 KB)
Two pretty shrimps.
DSC05321.JPG (919 KB)
One tiny and almost transparent shrimp.
DSC05322.JPG (930 KB)
Henrik, my buddy.
DSC05326.JPG (2 MB)
Juvenile something.
DSC05332.JPG (2 MB)
And what is this??? Any input?
DSC05337.JPG (2 MB)
A sole hiding in the sand.
DSC05340.JPG (2 MB)
A sole hiding in the sand.
DSC05344.JPG (773 KB)
DSC05350.JPG (917 KB)
DSC05351.JPG (1 MB)
Marianne from Norway.
DSC05355.JPG (1 MB)
BÝrge from Norway - just graduated as a PADI Divemaster. Gratz!
DSC05356.JPG (1 MB)
DSC05358.JPG (997 KB)
DSC05360.JPG (1 MB)
DSC05362.JPG (1 MB)
Henrik showing off - get that tongue somewhere where it belongs!
DSC05363.JPG (1 MB)
Sea anemone with anemone fish.
DSC05364.JPG (1 MB)
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