Alona Beach
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joj-20030318-03293.jpg (810 KB)
joj-20030318-03296.jpg (785 KB)
Rounded porcupinefish.
joj-20030318-03299.jpg (904 KB)
False stonefish?
joj-20030318-03301.jpg (874 KB)
Fish, fish, fish.
joj-20030318-03302.jpg (873 KB)
Fabio, my Swiss divemaster, saying "cheese".
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Three good reasons to visit the Safety Stop Bar at Alona Beach.
joj-20030318-03305.jpg (825 KB)
Me and a couple of Tarsier monkeys. I'm the big one.
joj-20030319-03307.jpg (890 KB)
Tarsier monkeys.
joj-20030319-03308.jpg (846 KB)
Fishing i Loboc river.
joj-20030319-03309.jpg (881 KB)
Small pathetic waterfall.
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