Alona Beach
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Big lizardfish.
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joj-20030313-03157.jpg (867 KB)
Japanese model on the beach. It looked so boring that it can only be for a karaoke video...
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From 1 - 10 I'll give her a 6... - 4 when she's moving - that looks really hopeless.
joj-20030313-03162.jpg (875 KB)
Very big fan coral at 27 meters at Arco point. There are supposed to be some pygmy seahorses somewhere - we couldn't spot them....
joj-20030313-03163.jpg (840 KB)
Juvenile harlequin sweetlips.
joj-20030313-03166.jpg (810 KB)
My hand on the steering wheel of the jeepney wreck in front of Bohol Beach Club.
joj-20030314-03175.jpg (882 KB)
Dancing mimic filefish. Why didn't I record a movie instead???
joj-20030314-03177.jpg (635 KB)
Dancing mimic filefish.
joj-20030314-03178.jpg (662 KB)
Dancing mimic filefish.
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Dancing mimic filefish.
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